Taking innovation to the edge

Deloitte were kind enough to invite me to present last week at the Melbourne leg of their regular CIO forum. The topic was innovation in IT.

The Innovative CIO: taking the core to the edge

Innovation strikes both dread and elation into the heart of the CIO. How does the CIO embrace and deploy rapid technology changes without falling into the trap of project plans and corporate regulation?

Innovation is always a fun topic because – as I’ve mentioned before{{1}} – I find trying to define innovation futile. My argument is that innovation (and creativity in general) is the result of pursuing a solution to a problem, not worrying about how new or original your solution is, and allowing yourself to steal the tools and ideas you need wherever you find them. Innovation is journey, rather than a destination.

Anyway, you can find my run sheet on scribed{{2}}, and inline below. (Given that the slides don’t have a lot on them, it didn’t make any sense to put them up on their own.)

[[1]]What is innovation? @ PEG[[1]]
[[2]]Peter Evans-Greenwood (April 2012), Taking innovation to the edge, Scribd[[2]]

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