Predicting the unpredictable

We have a new essay published by Deloitte Insights, Predicting the unpredictable.1 Predicting the future of work presents significant challenges due to the intricate interplay between technological advancements and human decision-making. To better understand the potential outcomes and critical decision points, more sophisticated models are necessary.

It’s crucial to recognize that the future isn’t predetermined by technology alone; rather, it’s shaped by how humans respond to and interact with new technological developments. Actively engaging with these choices is essential for influencing the trajectory of work.

By exploring alternative frameworks, such as examining work systems or investigating the dynamic between human and AI agency and authority, we can uncover a broader range of potential pathways beyond the conventional focus on upskilling. Instead of placing all their bets on a single predicted future, organizations should adopt an experimental approach, learning and building flexibility to adapt to various emerging scenarios.

Ultimately, realizing the full potential of productivity gains from new technologies requires proactive changes that align with an organization’s values and objectives. Simply following established trends is insufficient; deliberate and thoughtful implementation is key to shaping a desirable future of work.

You can find Predicting the unpredictable on the Deloitte Insights site.


  1. Evans-Greenwood, Peter, and Kellie Nuttall. “Predicting the Unpredictable: How Will Technology Change the Future of Work?” Deloitte Insights, June 26, 2024. ↩︎