Innovation [2008-12-15]

Another week and another collection of interesting ideas from around the Internet.

As always, thoughts and/or comments are greatly appreciated.

This issue:

  • What Apple learned from Kodak [BusinessWeek]
    Sometimes repeating what was done in the past is the best path to innovation.
  • Miyamoto unplugged [Edge Online]
    Back before the Wii was released no one took them seriously, but Nintendo’s focus on simply making fun games has paid off and they see no need to change strategy now.
  • The role of business in society [John Kay]
    Sometimes the best approach to success is to approach it indirectly. Apple focused on making products they themselves would love to use, while Nintendo wants to make fun games everyone can enjoy. Obliquity might be the best approach to innovation: try and be the best you can, rather than trying to be the most innovative.
  • In which innovation leads to injury [Wondermark]
    Not all ideas work out the way we expect.

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