The Scoop: The future of software

Neill Rose-Innes (CIO @ Mortgage Choice) and myself are on Mark Jones’ The Scope this week.

The enterprise software market is growing again as cloud computing continues to dominate the strategic agenda. But what other long term trends do CIOs need to consider as 2011 looms.

  • Given the massive growth in SaaS, what are the implications for legacy software?
  • Is the focus is moving away from enterprise software? If so, does it have a future?
  • How can CIOs evaluate their options and make sound judgements on which SaaS products to introduce?
  • Does packaged software have a future?
  • In relation to cloud computing do software apps now live in the browser or with the cloud service provider? What are the implications of this?
  • Can software developers afford to be specialists anymore?
  • What are the challenges or writing software for mobile operating systems such as Android, Microsoft, Apple?

You can find the discussion on the AFR website.

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