Experiments in delinkification

Nick Carr’s recent blog post on delinkification{{1}} (putting the links at the end of a post as footers, rather than as hyperlinks in the text) made a lot of sense to me. Perhaps I’m old (though its all relative, as one bloke told me this morning{{2}}), but I find myself leaning heavily on browser tabs and Instapaper{{3}} to try and manage the distractions of links in text.

So I’ve decided to experiment. I’ve dropped in a plugin which converts links to footnotes (though it relies on magic markup, rather than doing it automatically and retrospectively as I would prefer), and going forward I’ll give footnotes a go. It might work, or it might suck. Who am I to know though. Ping me with your thoughts, if they lean one way or the other.

[[1]]Experiments in delinkification @ RoughType[[1]]
[[2]]Peter Fingar[[2]]

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