I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning of the blog on a quiet Sunday afternoon (plus the kids are monopolising the Wii, so I can’t play New Super Mario Bros).

There’s more to do, but the big change is to gather some of the article threads into categories. A couple of posts seem to have taken a life of their own, and the resultant ping-pong between this blog and others has generated some interesting narratives on a couple of topics. Rather than leave them hidden in the threads, I’ve created a Focus category, and started to collect each thread in a sub-category.

So far:

  • The Value of Information. Starting with a simple observation that when we get information has as much impact as what we get, this thread generated some nice thoughts on how we might use information to create a more dynamic enterprise.
  • The Art of Random. Triggered by an invitation to present at InnoFuture — which unfortunately didn’t eventuate — I used the content create a series of posts (the outline for the preso was around six pages, so it would have been to much for one post). It covers the idea that innovation seems random due to the simple fact that your are not aware of the intervening steps from interesting problem through to novel solution.

There’s also a placeholder for Knowledge Worker of the Future, but more on that later.

Oh — and my favorite flying car is now in the header. Next I need to sort out the CSS colours to match.

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