Today’s challenging economic climate is testing all of us; it’s no longer enough to be good anymore: you need to be exceptional. It’s an environment where we are all focused on finding new ways to do more with less, and it’s also an environment where the old consulting model – scale plays built around documentation driven methods, high graduate-to-principal ratios, land and expand, and did it, done it stories, and the assumption that I know something you don’tno longer works.

My focus is on delivering outcomes, blending my insight and broader view of industry with my client’s detailed knowledge of their own business and vertical expertise to enable us, together, to exploit the gap between what technology enables and business as it is actually practiced.

I work with senior management teams to:

  • Help organisations exploit disruptive market changes and technologies by contextualizing the disruption’s impact and mapping viable paths forward.
  • Create actionable business strategies which can harvest more value from today’s rapidly unfolding business environment.
  • Delivering a short time to value while creating a platform that allows the business to iterate and rapidly drive forward.
  • Accelerate short term business performance through a focused and pragmatic approach to leveraging technology.
  • Identify and exploit longer term growth opportunities by leveraging long term business and technology trends.

I add value quickly by:

  • Challenging comfortable (and often unstated) assumptions.
  • Bringing a broader perspective to business challenges, converting challenges into opportunities.
  • Finding the simple truths behind the problems holding your business back.
  • Outlining plausible options that push your organisation’s performance envelope.
  • Driving the technology agenda, working closely with senior management to help them achieve outlier performance.

My approach to engaging my clients is pragmatic rather than dogmatic, tailored to each clients’ specific context and needs, and designed to maximise impact and value for both of us.

  • Focused on a specific project or problem.
  • Providing a mid-term commitment to work together and resolve an issue by allocating time-boxed blocks of effort, similar to pre-paid phone cards, enabling me and my clients to manage time and finances more effectively.
  • retainer based approach to provide continuity when a light touch is required to support a longer term working relationship.

In the past, I have helped clients with:

  • Developing and implementing business and technology strategies, built around pragmatic methodologies which flex with changing demand and allow organisations to thrive in todays volatile markets.
  • Working with senior management to formalise product models and value chains, using this as the basis to optimise key business drivers and minimise cost, while avoiding the expense of a major transformation.
  • Rectifying troubled transformation programs, providing an independent viewpoint to identify root causes, working with clients to resolve issues to provide a quick time to capability and effective use of capital.
  • Developing and implementing go-to-market strategies that blend the old and the new, social and transactional to provide a more measure approach to understanding an thriving in today’s rapidly changing environment.
  • Developing and implementing multi-channel and Internet based strategies, using technology platforms to better engage customers and partners.
  • Working with senior management to unbundle the enterprise, aligning a business’s portfolio of assets and outsourcing arrangements with business drivers and strategies.
  • Developing and implementing outsourcing and offshoring strategies that are aligned with business drivers and market developments.
  • Designing, implementing and operating innovation programmes and functions, focused on delivering tangible short and long term business value.
  • Understand the business challenges and opportunities provided by emerging information technology trends, working with client teams to define and deliver programs to capture savings and harvest the value new generations of technology provides.
  • Developing and running senior management workshops to provide a forum to explore, understand and react to technology and business developments.

I bring a unique perspective to problems which enables me to find the simple truths behind those problems that are holding businesses back. I focus on understanding how information technology and business are impacting each other, and how businesses can exploit synergies between technology and market dynamics to to harvest more value.

My broad experience provides me with a track record of delivering pragmatic solutions in challenging environments:

  • 20 years as a consultant and senior executive.
  • Senior positions in companies from entrepreneurial startups through large enterprises.
  • Experience in Asia-Pac, Europe, and North America.
  • Involvement in all major industry sectors.