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Innovation [2009-07-13]

Another week and another collection of interesting ideas from around the internet.

As always, thoughts and/or comments are greatly appreciated.

This issue:

  • Neuromancer turns 25: What it got right, what it got wrong [Macworld]
    It’s been 25 years since William Gibson’s groundbreaking book. 25 years is an extremely long time in the technology world. What did he get right? And what did he get wrong?
  • 10 Products and Innovations from Recessions Past [Bill Shrink]
    We all associate recessions with negative things. Unemployment, slowdowns, and lost profits dominate the headlines and color most every recession-themed discussion. But this is only part of the story. Desperation breeds creativity, as many know. And as a testament to this timeless axiom, a number of the world’s foremost innovations came about during recessionary times. From increased convenience and food products, to formidable technological advances, the following represent some of the most noteworthy recession-borne innovations.
  • Six Myths of Innovation [CIO insight]
    Innovation has us often questioning our assumptions. Why not questions our assumptions about innovation?
  • How Nintendo Delights Its Customers [Peter Merholz]
    How did Nintendo come from a long way behind Microsoft and Sony, and end up dominating the industry?