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Innovation [2008-10-20]

Another week and another collection of interesting ideas from around the Internet.

As always, thoughts and/or comments are greatly appreciated.

This issue:

  • The Challenges of Innovation [BusinessWeek]
    Indifference, hostility, and isolation are among the major obstacles to a healthy innovation environment.
  • Touching and hearing the past in Dresden [psfk]
    Those who visit Brühl’s Terrace in Germany are set to get more than just pretty view. Markus Kison’s touched echo brings life to the 1945 Dresden air raids. Visitors to the area can hear the airplanes, explosions and air raid sirens of the 13th of February raids though four small, disguised sound conductors.
  • NASA Spinoff homepage [NASA]
    NASA’s yearly Spinoff publication was recently released, celebrating the agency’s 50th anniversary with 50 ways their technology is used in everyday life.
  • Inside Google’s design process [BusinessWeek]
    Insight into the design process behind Google’s G1/Android mobile phone.