Enterprise Mashups Defined

Luis Derechin, of JackBe has just published a nice definition of enterprise mashups over at the Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog: Enterprise Mashups are secure, visually rich web applications that expose actionable information from diverse internal and external information sources. This

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Innovation [2009-10-18]

Another week and another collection of interesting ideas from around the internet. As always, thoughts and/or comments are greatly appreciated. Are we wasting our time searching for the next brilliant idea? That idea that’s going to drive a disruptive innovation.

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The NBN wants to be free

There’s been a lot of discussion on what Austalia’s national broadband network (NBN) will cost when it’s finally delivered to consumers. How much will we need to stump up to take part in today’s knowledge economy? Most cost recovery models

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Change me (Part 2)

In a rapidly changing world, our biggest challenge is getting our companies, and ourselves, to embrace change rather than resist it. We want to create organisational agility, as agility is the key to success in our rapidly changing business environment,

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Using what you have

All too often companies miss opportunities because they can’t make connections between the things they already know. There’s a well traveled story about a clothing company who bounces a customer’s request to return an item, as they don’t think it’s worth

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The architecture of information

An architectural view weighs in over at Omitted for Clarity, starting a much needed discussion on what it means to realise some of the ideas that are cropping up in the value of information thread. Posted via email from PEG