The top ten posts of 2010 are …

And the top ten posts from the last year — as recorded by Popularity Contest — are:

  1. Innovation linkage
  2. Peter Drucker’s seven sources of innovation
  3. Consulting doesn’t work any more. We need to reinvent it.
  4. Is Generation X/Y/Z irrelevant?
  5. The IT department we have today is not the IT department we’ll need tomorrow
  6. People don’t like change. (Or do they?)
  7. A prediction: many companies will start shedding IT architects in the next six to eighteen months
  8. The myth of the inevitability of social organisations
  9. Why Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business Design might be of marginal utility to most of us
  10. Business models for the old rules of IT

Happy new year all!

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