Be careful what you measure


Tyler Cowen has an article over at MIT Technology Review, Measured and Unequal, that discusses how improved measurement of workers might be a fundamental driver of inequality in the workplace of the future. Consider journalism. In the “good old days,” no one knew

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How much do we need to know?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel preparing the launch of 'The Great Eastern by Robert Howlett

We used to be defined by what we knew. But today, knowing too much can be a liability. Google, for example, is putting its trust in (potentially uncredentialled) “capable generalists” rather than “experts”.1)Laszlo Bock, Google’s Vice-President of People Operations, at

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The benefits of being big are shrinking


It’s as if our efforts to rip operational costs out of business have incrementally worked their way from left to right across the value chain – from sourcing through to marketing and distribution – only to bounce off the customer and start working their way back, from right to left, fragmenting the business landscape in the process.

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